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Custom boxes for everyone.

We have revolutionized the box business.

"The best boxes I have ever seen."

John, box guy

Orange Cattle Webflow Web Designer

"These guys know their boxes."

Wayne, box enthusiast

Changing the world one box at a time.

More expensive

You won't save money, but everyone will think you have made it when you use a "boxie" box (TM pending).

Recyclable's not recyclable, but we're hoping you don't read this and just assume they are by looking at the icon.

Premier service

We have advanced customer service AI. Who wants to talk to an actual person? Not us.

Bluetooth enabled

We're ahead of the times. All of our boxes come with built-in bluetooth. Can you name another box that does that? I don't think so.

The boxie experience

Imagine the experience your customers will receive as they listen to their favorite new song while opening up a package from you.

Boxes for developers

We're just a couple of developers that make boxes for other developers.

Boxie integrations

Do you need them? No, but we still have them.

The boxie way.

Changing the world. One box at a time.
Privacy first
We take your privacy serious. All of our boxes have their own unique crypto key inside of them. Your privacy comes before our profit.
Do our numbers reflect the diversification within our company. No, of course not, but we did put out a diversity statement to make it seem like we really care for PR purposes.
24/7 monitoring
Okay, okay, we lied about the privacy thing, but you'll always know when and where your package is 24/7.